Sharon Hunt

At Sharon Benson Team, we provide legendary service to legendary brands.

Leverage. Scale. Celebrate. When entrepreneurial potential meets everything it needs to move from inspiration to implementation, you get me and my team. Marketing automation and strategy blends with technology to create the magic you need to get where you want to go.

7 figure business owners trust me, Sharon Benson, and my team because we are the total package. My marketing expertise, tech know-how and many years of experience rocking 6 and 7 figure launches set you up for success without stress.

I’m a problem solver that elevates your business while you iterate. You pick the next destination and I navigate the best way to get there. You need a Chief Freedom Officer. Having a copilot on the road to success steers you away from burnout and towards the growth you need to thrive.

Your Online Business: Managed With everything handled, you get to step into the luxury of having a team to deal with all the things. You also get to step into your role as CEO of your business with the qualified support you need to succeed. You don’t even have to recruit, train or manage them.

When you work with me, you get seamless service. Your questions are answered thoroughly and with patience. Your problems are solved efficiently. You get to chase your dreams without having to worry about the details.

Automate. Innovate. Communicate. Our big picture point of view saves you time, money and worries because we anticipate and plan for challenges ahead. I keep your marketing machines humming and your team moving towards your goals, deadlines and dreams.

An expert trainer and a patient explainer, my Online Business Manager skills help you leverage and scale your business like never before. Are you ready to take your marketing and operations to the next level? At Sharon Benson Team, we'd love to help!