Karen Nelson

Karen is the founder and owner of Karen Nelson Digital, a digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook & Instagram ads. We have managed millions of dollars in ad spend for our clients and realize how important it is to have reliable data in order to get mind-blowing Facebook ad results. We've recently added measurement and analytics to our product suite to help our clients ensure that ALL of their traffic (both ads as well as organic) is working toward their profit goals.

We set up analytics reporting for our clients and build easy-to-understand dashboards that allow them to have information about traffic and sales at their fingertips for quick, income-generating decision making.

Karen got her start as an elementary school teacher but left after 15 years in the classroom to pursue a career in digital marketing. She's in the trenches managing complex ad campaigns every day and has been for the last 5 years. Karen is passionate about serving her clients and loves working with businesses that serve educators.

Visit us at KarenNelsonDigital.com to learn more about how we can help you use the information from your website to increase sales and profits.