Jen Levitz

Ditch the overwhelm and burnout that launches bring for you and your team and allow Spellbinding Launches to help you put your offer into the world with magical ease!

At Spellbinding Launches, we believe in amplifying visions by leveraging technology and marketing automation to help coaches and course creators send their magic out into the world.

We also know it takes more than just your core team to run a successful launch for your business, and that’s where Spellbinding Launches come in!

We are a source for finding the holes in your launch plans, so together, we can create and implement the right strategies, content, and systems to launch your offer with less overwhelm, more ease, and yes, a bit of magic.

Every launch needs a Technology Wizard (or a team of them!) with a deep understanding of marketing strategies that will ultimately support your business and your clients!

A Note from the Minister of Magic: While we speak systems fluently, we specialize in Ontraport and FG Funnels.