Donna Dube

What if you could make the right business decisions easily? Know with certainty what was giving you a return on investment. Truly understand your audience and their behaviour on your website. Ultimately, find opportunities for growth and capitalize on them.

You can do this when you know your numbers! It does not need to be scary, data is simply the answers to questions, I promise.

You need to be able to quickly, at-a-glance, see what’s working and what’s not working, so you can make confident decisions about where you’re investing your time, money and resources in your business.

No complicated tech. No math skills necessary. No boring spreadsheets or pivot tables.

Just an easy-to-read custom dashboard to quickly see the health and wealth of your business!

Through my 3-step process of discover, design and deliver, we will work together to discover which metrics are most important for your business, optimize and organize your data sources in order to design a customized dashboard for you to easily visualize your business at a glance, and deliver clarity, so you can take action with certainty. Guesswork is not a strategy. Let’s gain insights based on facts.

Make decisions with ease, knowing the numbers tell the true story of your business. Let’s stop the leaks, find opportunities for growth and boost your revenue.