Chloe Tai Gold – The Purposeful Marketer

My mission at The Purposeful Marketer™ is to make data-driven marketing strategy simple and easy to implement in your business.

I do this through the creation of fully automated, real-time, visual dashboards that show you, at-a-glance, exactly which of your marketing is working and which isn't. This allows you to save time and money when it comes to marketing, quickly identify opportunities for growth and optimization, and ultimately empowers you to sustainably grow your business faster.

Through our range of packages, we can help you by:

🌿 identifying what you should measure so you can focus on what matters for your business growth and ignore the rest

🌿 making sure all your analytics and tracking tools are set up to track correctly (most aren’t!)

🌿 setting up a system for properly tagging and tracking your marketing activities

🌿 collecting all the relevant data into one easy-to-understand real-time automated dashboard so you can see, at-a-glance, what's working and what isn't (without ever having to go into Google Analytics or manually update a spreadsheet!)

🌿 teaching you how to use your new dashboard(s) to make smart marketing decisions that increase revenue whilst saving you time and money

📊 👀 Take a look at one of our demo dashboards here:

We offer a range of packages and custom measurement projects depending on your needs. Click the 'booking' link to schedule a free 20-min no-obligation chat to find out more, or visit our website.