Amber Kinney

I specialize in helping business owners take things to the next level. As a consultant, I help you formulate a strategy and then execute a plan for all the not-so-sexy things like setting focused goals, building a team, and creating systems. You’ll finally get out of your way, and be the CEO you’re meant to be.

And, best of all, I thrive on the things you find tedious and stressful.

Now, I take those same planning and organizational skills and apply them to your business. For the last 10 years, I’ve been working behind-the-scenes in small and online businesses, and I’m all too familiar with the challenges of scaling beyond a certain point.

As a consultant, I help uncover what’s holding you back in your business and set you up to get big results.

Results like:
-Taking my clients to the million and the multi-million dollar mark and beyond.
-Helping even more clients go from under the $100k mark to making high six figures per year.
-Hiring and building high-performance teams that stay together for years.
-Streamlining operations to save time, money, and sanity.

Add my team to the mix and not only do we work with you on the strategy but we’re here to support the implementation phases as well.
We do some of our best work when the plan is in place and it’s time to take action and get things done.